Mrs J Cook

Head Teacher

Special Educational Needs Lead

Humanities Subject Lead

Designated Safeguarding - Lead

Mrs B Bower

Office Manager

Mrs J Mace

Deputy Head Teacher

Key Stage One, Computing and Website

Year 1 Class Teacher

Designated Safeguarding - Deputy


Photograph to follow



Miss E Scarborough

Year 1 Class Teacher


Mrs S Babenko

PE and School Sport Lead

Maths Lead

Foundation 1 Class Teacher

Miss K Parsons

Foundation 2 Class Teacher

English Lead

Mrs R Mac

Year 2 Class Teacher

Mrs S Crabb

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Key Stage One Interventions

Mrs D Pitches

Teaching Assistant - Year 1

Key Stage 1 Interventions

Midday Supervisor


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Mrs S Lynch

Foundation 1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Fielding

Foundation 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Stockdale

Foundation 1 Teaching Assistant Senior Midday Supervisor

Breakfast Club Supervisor

Mrs K Craig

Teaching Assistant - Foundation Stage

Key Stage 1 Interventions

Foundation Stage Lunch Club Supervisor

Miss E Williams

One to One Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Martin

Teaching Assistant - Whole School

Administration Support

Breakfast Club and Midday Supervisor

Mrs  J Brown

Site Manager

 Mrs J Gozney

Administration Assistant

Mrs M Middleton

Midday Supervisor

 Miss L Moore

School Cook Supervisor



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Mrs M Harrison

One to One Teaching Assistant