Oak Class Photos


We had a wonderful time looking at and learning about the animals at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.


We all became scientists today when we investigated what would happen to the gingerbread men in different liquids. We made some excellent predictions.


We were so excited to see that the chicks had hatched and loved having a hold of them! Including the grown ups!


We had a wonderful time enjoying World Book Day . We had some fantastic costumes - well done everybody!


Oak Class had some great fun in the recent snow!

We threw snowballs, made polar bears and tried to catch snowflakes on our tongues.


An evil pea was on the lose in Oak Class. The vegetables were trapped!

We had to write speech bubbles for Supertato to come and save them!




We had a brilliant time on our trip to Perlethorpe. We went on a walk from 'Nazareth' to 'Bethlehem' where we told the story of the first Christmas. In the afternoon we had great fun making Christmas crafts.


What a brilliant job Oak Class did of their Nativity!


Blunderbus Theatre Company came to visit today. We had a lovely time watching the story of Lilly and the Snow Bear.


Ajax and May the reindeer came to visit us today. We learnt lots of things about them and enjoyed feeding them some Lichen. 


We had some very special visitors today who talked to us all in the hall about how to stay safe. We learnt some safety tips and what to do if there was a fire. We were then very lucky and got to go in the fire engine!



We had great fun today when Linda and Bob our local Police Officers came to visit. We got to have a look in their van and try on their police hats. We found out lots about what they do to help us.


We had a wonderful time learning about Diwali and making Rangoli patterns with Sunita!